Garmin nuvi 55LM vs Tomtom VIA 120/125

Review Level: 100 (Basic)

Winner  – Tomtom 120/125

Well’ I guess that saved your time by announcing the winner in advance. Now the Facts and Basics ;


  • A map covering all the roads, most detailed, accurate & searchable – Maps are mostly provided by another vendor; ex. Garmin India uses HERE maps. Therefore first 3 are the capabilities of map provider and the last is of the device vendor.
  • Lifetime free map updates – This is w.r.t. the agreement that the device vendor makes with map provider. All the devices in this comparison provides free lifetime update map.
  • Easy to use & fast – This is fully to do with the device/manufacturer. This needs to be experienced in-person and is the most complicated part to take a decision if not the price.

PRO’s & CON’s of Tomtom:

  • PRO – Features are same on all the models no matter the price. Year of manufacture &size of the display makes the price vary.
  • PRO – Quick boot and satellite acquisition – helps when re-routed.

PRO’s & CON’s of Garmin:

  • PRO – World’s most widely used navigation system.
  • PRO – Year of manufacture is 2014.
  • CON – Features are limited to price/model.

Ref. This is One of the best GPS comparisons that one could find. Garmin 55LM wasn’t available in India during that review.


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